Moroccan appropriate bathing suit?


First few days in Fez :)


10 things I have learned in Fez:

1. Don’t say “Je ne parle pas francais” (I don’t speak French) because people will hear you speaking French and assume that you do, in fact, speak French. 

2. Dresses at the Spanish store “Mango” are not 80 dirhams (=$10) despite what the website says. It is not worth walking for two hours to figure this out.

3. Don’t go in to the old city on a Saturday with a big group of clueless Americans and no guide. Don’t even try.

4. You can’t watch Netflix in foreign countries. 

5. Camel burgers exist.

6. Moroccans have a plethora of different ways to express shame. There are three different types of shame in the Arabic language as well as a hand gesture.

7. Taxi drivers don’t know street names. No one knows street names.

8. McDonalds tastes exactly the same. 

9. Saying “Salam” to someone can save you from getting mugged.

10. There is a god… and she is a supermarket named “Acima”.

“Moroccan culture is like spices. Why tagine delicious? Not the meat, not the vegetable… the spices!” Abdul Nabee (ustathee)

I miss my long hair, but it was really time to cut it…. the ends were super dry and messy looking.  It is nice to have lighter hair for the summer, and I am sure it will grow back soon. The haircutter didn’t speak any English at all so I had to communicate how much I wanted to cut off through large gesticulations. Fortunately, its pretty easy to communicate your ideal haircut non-verbally and by saying “oui” and “no”. In spite of the language barrier, I think she did excellent job, and she gave me a nice head massage. :) 


Top 5 Summer Essentials

I’m leaving for Paris and Morocco in TWO DAYS. So naturally, I have been shopping like crazy this whole week. I think that in this past week, I have probably done more shopping than I did in the entire past semester. It has been a challenge to find cute things that I can wear in Morocco because it is scandalous for women to show a lot of skin, but its going to be really hot there. Anyway, I have compiled a list of the top 5 summer essentials when traveling to a conservative country:

1. Harem pants

2. Straw fedora

3. Maxi dress

4. Eternity scarf

5. Sexy shades, of course!

I’m going back to Morocco this summer for nine weeks! I can’t wait to drink some mint tea and go to the hamaam!

I’m going back to Morocco this summer for nine weeks! I can’t wait to drink some mint tea and go to the hamaam!



Not Rebecca Black!

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 Just finished Serenity… =(

 Just finished Serenity… =(

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